About me

I am starting this blog because I am tired of the bullshit on Facebook and my inability to express myself sometimes in 280 characters or less. I will be sharing experiences (or perhaps more accurately swapping lies) as well as expressing my views on lots of things. I will be starting out kind of slow as I learn how to actually do this, but should be up to speed before too long. Of course I am interested in other people’s opinions, especially those that echo my own. 

I am 65 years old and recently retired from 18 years in wireless communications. Before I got into wireless, I was a radio technician servicing commercial two way radio equipment. I received my radio technician training in the Marine Corps beginning in 1971. I served during the Vietnam war but by the grace of God and the will of the Marine Corps I did not go. I would NEVER try to tell anyone that I am a combat veteran. I served for almost 12 year and actually was a Gunnery Sergeant when I got out.

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